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Integrity and Perseverance best define the culture at Milaap

Values We Stand By

We Focus On
Employee Well-being

At Milaap, we ensure employees have an atmosphere at work that helps them thrive. Established hierarchy with fluid communication across levels helps achieve this. We have an array of employee benefits that ensures work-life balance, mental wellbeing and work satisfaction.

Customer Centricity

Every team and individual at Milaap has customer centricity as the end goal. It is not just about query resolution or successful fundraising, it is about doing beyond the ordinary. It is a matter of pride that everyone at Milaap feels for the customer. Simple acts like donating blood for them too is just that. 

Innovation and Impact

It is not just about crowdfunding, it is about building meaningful relationships and creating an impact. We strive to do beyond what is required of us as employees. At Milaap, every employee gets to try new things. Our new initiatives – Milaap 360, Milaap guarantee, Milaap Foundation and volunteering are all about this. 

Our Organizational Dynamics

At Milaap, we have the practice of continuously assessing how well our people, policies and procedures have been doing. Our quarterly eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) survey is the opportunity for all our employees to highlight how good they feel about working with us. That’s our crucial indicator to employee happiness, along with 1:1 conversations and more! Our average eNPS score across quarters have been at 57. That means, we are doing great as an employer.

Our Workplace Highlights
Employee Reviews
“To me, Milaap is a great place to be myself without any inhibitions, to learn and grow. There is a strong culture of trust and a sense of belongingness, which encourages one to be innovative and bring refreshing perspectives.”
Arthi T
“I believe working for a cause is the only way for work satisfaction. This is my first job and I'm grateful that it perfectly aligns with my belief system. We all work wholeheartedly here and as an organization, we have got each other's back.”
Vinay Singh
“Milaap is home for me. This is my third job and what I love is the Company's value system. It always does what is right for the customers and what is best for the employees. There is empathy in how the business is done and in how team members interact with each other.”
Stanley Junior
"Milaap does not have a pre-written script to handle phone calls with users which makes a world of difference to the users who do not want to hear a monotonic response to their queries. On any given day I believe I am able to make a few people's lives easier, less painful and more hopeful. I try to be a friendly, on the receiving end of, what is almost always, a phone call from a distressed user."
Danush Sridhar
“This is my first job experience, I do not think I could have asked for a better work environment. I started with a rural fellowship offered by Milaap and then moved to the User Engagement Team. The experience has been enriching and the most important thing I have learned here is to empathize and be of help to as many people as I can.”
Rushali Shankar
"Milaap is like a family to me. I manage a team where we need to interact with people who will be going through very uncertain times. We listen to them and provide help to solve their problems. The happiest part of work is that we get in return gratitude and a smile which gives us great energy and motivation to do more."
Uday Raiphale
Life at Milaap
Stronger with our Alumni
Stronger with our Alumni